Friday, December 10, 2010

PARK CLEANUP - SATURDAY, December 11,9 am - noon

Time to sprinkle some wildflower seeds in the park. I've got California poppies (Eschscholzia californica), globe gilia (Gilia capitata), purple needle grass (Nassella pulchra) and probably some others collected from my garden last spring. And you know, no one sprinkles wildflower seeds better than kids. So hope to see some of you at the park tomorrow.

Poppy with bird's eye gilia (Gilia tricolor)

Meet at the park info sign on Pasadena Ave and then head down into the park. The group will pull weeds, pick up litter, and enjoy the park. Come for the whole time, for an hour, or just stop by to say hello.

Nature Park entrance on Pasadena Ave., east of the York St. Bridge

Remember to:
- wear sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
- bring water
- bring gardening gloves and tools (weeders, trowels, whatever you use in your own garden)
- comfortable work clothes, including work shoes (sneakers or boots)
- binoculars for bird watching (optional)

Children must be under adult supervision at all times. There is poison oak in the park, which we will point out before we start.

Please pass this info along to anyone else you think might be interested in the park. If you know of anyone who doesn't use the internet, let me know so we can be sure they are kept in the loop.
See you soon!