Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 13, 2008 Park Clean-up

It was a lovely day in the Nature Park this Saturday as our small group of volunteers met to weed and pick up litter. The park continues to look good.
In this picture, the buckwheat is turning deep rust color and the California fuchsia, barely visible in the center-right half of the image, is still in bloom.

Hummingbirds flit around the willow tree near the central information kiosk. They were enjoying the red tubular flowers of the California fuchia.

Baby lizards scamper around the mulched central part of the park. There are plenty of insects to feed them.

The tree of heaven continues to be the biggest threat to the park. In August when I walked around the park with Jesse Barajas, city arborist, and TruGreen we discussed removal of these invasive weeds. If they are not dealt with the park will quickly revert to its earlier, degraded condition.

Bags of garbage await pick-up by Athens.

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