Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dorothy Green, CA Activist Passes Away

Having been one of the many fortunate people to have known Dorothy Green, I would like to direct you all to the LA Times obituary and the piece by Steve Lopez. Dorothy was direct, clear, committed and unwavering in her efforts to do what was right for the state she loved. In addition to writing books, starting non-profits and educating the public on water and environmental issues, she taught many of us how to live our lives. She will missed, but we should celebrate her life, as she would have wanted.

Read her last plea for a sensible water policy, written October, 8, 2008.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12, 2008 Park Cleanup

The park is looking really good. Great thanks go to the city, Jesse Barajas, and TruGreen. The tree of heaven (Ailanthus) has been removed, as has the tree tobacco and castor bean. The graffiti on the rocks and signs has been removed . There was little litter, and people are walking dogs, jogging, running and enjoying the park.

Rick Schneider and I picked up a bit more litter and removed the few castor bean plants we could find. The day was sunny (as usual -- I love California!) and the park peaceful. The rose hips (above) added some red color and food for the birds.

The California fuchsia continues to bloom, a few seedlings of buckwheat have appeared, the sugar bush is setting flower (see above), and the coyote bush is in full bloom and alive with bees.

I know it is hard for people to join us for these clean-up events on the second Saturday of the month. I can tell, though, that many of you are going down to the park and picking up litter on your own. It seems to me that the park has really "turned a corner" and though we cannot stop working to keep it moving in the right direction, it will be fun to see new native plants settling in and attracting birds, lizards, butterflies and other natural fauna.